Another reason why NOT to Smoke

If you are a smoker or a ‘social smoker’… STOP!!! Apart form the more commonly known health problems, smoking is extremely bad for your skin. Nicotine prevents the skin from receiving oxygen and nutrients causing wrinkles and grey pale looking skin, smoking can age your appearance by 10-20 years!

Smoking doesn’t just affect the face, according to a study in 2007 smoking also affects the inner arms and neck. I believe that it affects your hands also.

Collagen gives your skin form and provides firmness and strength, over time your collagen levels decrease with age, smoking cigarettes accelerates this, causing the skin to sag. Smoking has also been linked to early onset of menopause’s.

“For smokers, middle age starts in the early 30′s as the tell tale wrinkles around the mouth and eyes begin to appear. Young female smokers are likely to be wasting their money on anti aging face creams if they continue to smoke.”
Amanda Sandford, Action on Smoking Health

Most of the skin damage wont appear until 10-20 years after you started smoking. So dont think it wont happen to you, many smoking experts can tell if a person is a smoker or a non-smoking simply by looking at there skin, deep set wrinkles and a dull ashy skin tone is the big give a way.

You won’t be able to reverse the damage to your skin but by quitting now you will prevent further skin damage. Drinking plenty of water, applying sun screen when outdoors and eating right will keep your skin looking healthy and radiant, with a combination of anti-ageing skin care your skin will look much better in the future.

Image bottom right:  The damaging effects of smoking, commonly called “Smoker Face”