Advice for Treating a Toenail Fungus

I was just talking to my Dad about his toenail infection and was horrified at how bad it is, so I began doing a little bit of research for him and thought I would share my findings with you 😉

As you may have guessed early treatment is highly recommended, however if you are like my Dad and have left it for over a year than you are most likely going to need the nail removed which according to my Dad is extremely painful. So seeing your doctor should be  your first move.

If you have early signs of a nail fungus, which are; thicken of the nail, yellowish in colour which may lead to a more darker yellow or even brown over time as well as flaking cracking edges. Keeping your nails clean and dry is very important, using a nail brush while in the shower scrub your toes with soap and thoroughly dry. If possible avoid closed in shoes so that the nail can air and if you do have to wear covered shoes make sure that you always wear clean socks and your shoes are always dry. Leather and canvas shoes are the best as they allow your feet to breathe preventing them from sweating. Tea Tree Oil is a natural anti-septic and fungal remedy, after showering allow the feet to dry then using a cotton swab apply pure tea tree oil straight onto the nail, for best results you need to do this 2-3 times a day.

Treating a nail fungus is extremely difficult and you need to keep up treatment until the fungus is completely gone. Because my Dad`s fungus is past simply keeping it clean and applying tea tree oil, I have recommended that he see his doctor and have the toenail removed, and ask about taking a prescription oral treatment as well as scrubbing his nails with soap in the shower to prevent it from coming back.

I recommended an oral treatment over a cream or ointment as they are believed to be more affective, although if your fungus is server you may be able to take the oral as well as a topical treatment. Treating toenail fungus can take months to cure, so stick with it and keep your feet clean and dry.

*You should always consult your doctor in diagnosing your toenail fungus as a  nail infection can be a symptom of other health problems including but not limited to; diabetes and peripheral vascular disease.