Still Suffering from my Eczema

I am still looking for a cure, prevention, treatment, cream and reason! for my eczema. I have not slept properly over the last couple of nights and even after taking two antihistamine’s before bed last night I was still waking up every couple of hours to the burning, itchy pain. I use “Sudocrem” its for baby’s diaper rash and helps me get through the nights.

Being a make-up artist it is embarrassing having a rash not only all over my body but also my face. When I am working I wear make-up on my face and neck to hide it but as you can imagine putting make-up on irritated skin only makes it worse. Lately I have been using Lavera.

Lavera is an all natural skin care and cosmetic company, I find that the foundations are not very good and look extremely streaky. I have been using the liquid concealer over my eczema on my face and then applying my tinted moisturiser over it and that seems to work well for me.



The photo on the left was taken on March 15th and the photo on the right was taken today, March 3oth. You can see how it has gradually gotten worse, and spread to my neck. I think it will start to clear up now (fingers crossed).