Working on a Short Film

On Sunday and Monday I was working on a short film. We were shooting at Studio 6 on day one. The day went well and I managed to leave before 8pm which was awesome! I have been busy doing test paints for an upcoming body art competition and was already tired.

On day 2 we were shooting on location and started the day applying make-up at Starbucks across the street from Rockford on Broadway, customers didn’t seem too bothered or even that interested lol I guess that’s Vancouver for you… everyone is used to it. We got into Rockford at 7am and only had 4 hours to shoot, it was a bathroom scene and have to say I have never spent so long in men’s washroom…

After lunch we headed over to Gastown to shoot in a lounge bar, it was a really funky place and had some quirky art and objects all over the walls. Its was a great team of people and as always had quite a few aussies, I also had my acting debut! well I was out of focus in the foreground but now I can point myself out on the film πŸ˜€ anyway it was really fun working with everyone and I am looking forward to watching the final product.