Art World Expo Body Paint

On May 4th I competed in a body paint competition at Science World, hosted by Jennifer Little owner of Little Make-up Machine. It was a really fun night, surrounded by all sorts of talented artists. My model Renee and I had done a couple of test paints prior, as this was my first all over body paint I wanted to test some different paints and techniques.

We had a lot of fun and were both really happy with how everything turned out. I had been studying and sketching muscles of the body and have learnt a lot.

All of the models looked awesome! and all of the artists did an amazing job I was really impressed and so happy that I decided to participate even though I didn’t place. Renee and I have already said that we would definitely do it again, I honestly had the best model! hands down people 😉 Enjoy the photos!












Above is my AWESOME model Renee rocking my body art!!!

The beautiful Jennifer Little, with 2 of her painted models.