Pregnant Body Paint, a Bridezilla, Fashion & Film Make-Up -I love my job!

Body Paint on Pregnant Lady

hand painted love heart on a pregnant belly

Over the past few weeks I have been doing lots of different things; A teaser for a short film, a fashion shoot, formal make-up, bridesmaids, bridal trials… including a bridezilla trial! A pregnancy shoot, and make-up for a friend who is a fitness model…. Its been busy and fun. I love my job 😀

So I know what you all want to hear first about… My bridezilla. She came over to my home studio and was fine and didnt cause me too much grief! But!!! The phone calls and emails that my employer received sounded like I was some sort of lazy “inappropriately dressed” slob! I was so mad when I found out what she has said about me… I welcomed her into my home and all she did was bitch and complaind about where I lived and what I was wearing! which was mainly about my old slippers that I picked up at a hotel… so not that bad….

All the graduates have been wonderful! I helped one of the mum’s put some false lashes on, it was her first time at wearing them. My friend Leslie is a bikini fit model, and I went over to do make-up before she flew out to Kelowna for a competition, I ended up helping her get ready and then we ran out of time so we decided to do the make-up at the airport! Thats was fun, and I can now add “Airport” to my list of odd places to apply make-up 🙂

My husbands friend is about to give birth any day now. She came over for a shoot and we got some great photos! Still have the pet photo shoot with Amanda and Christie with their pets but it was raining on the day we had planed so we will have to reschedule, but they should be coming up soon 😉