Eczema Solution :)

After a couple of years of searching for remedies to help deal with my eczema, I feel like I have finally found what set’s it off and what calms it down. Below are some suggestions and home made recipes that I have found work best for me. After talking with a few other people who also suffer from eczema we have ALL agreed that “refined sugar” is the worst! I switch to brown sugar when ever I can, like in baking and things. One woman told me that companies use a chemical to bleach the sugar white as I guess that is what irritates peoples skin. Caffeine is also bad, as eczema causes dry skin, and caffeine dehydrates our bodies.

So here is what I have found works best for me;

Sun! If you don’t live in a place where you are able to get some sunlight then head to the tanning bed. I go once a week during the winter, you don’t need to go to the strongest bed, I use the weakest one as I am not interested in getting a tan.

When my eczema starts to flare up I use a Zinc Oxide cream. Sudocrem or Penaten Cream (nappy rash cream’s)

This helps dry out the rash, if you are like me and get the swollen fluid rash to start this stuff is amazing! It will also help heal and soothe your skin. Sometimes my skin cracks and bleeds and this also helps heal it fast.

I have also created my own moisturiser, which is made up of a variety or oils that I researched to help with eczema. I will put my recipe up soon, but I use bees wax as a soluble (you only need a little) and there are lots of homemade lotions recipes online.

Another homemade remedie is a honey and sugar srub! I mix some honey and some raw sugar together in a bowl and add some coconut milk (awesome moisturiser) It is up to you how much f each to put in depending on your skin at the time, I use equal parts of each usually. This scrub is so wonderful, you can really feel the difference in your skin after using it. Only make small batches of this at a time, I tried to put it in a larger container and leave it in the shower but the sugar dissolved into the honey, you could always leave a jar in the fridge, but its so simple to make it just mix it up right before a shower.

As an eczema sufferer it is important to keep your skin dehydrated. I have tried and tested a lot of lotions but the every day body lotion that works best for me is Biotherm, especially the orange bottle, it has apricot extract and smells great! It is a bit expensive at $30-$40 but totally worth it to keep my skin happy all day 🙂 I haven’t had any major flare ups all summer!!! This is because I now know what upsets my skin… Sugar, caffeine, red wine, preservatives as well as stress, and the combination of finally getting my beauty products right. I hope this blog helps people with their eczema problems and not take you over 2 years to get control of. Good luck 🙂