Fall Beauty Trends

I love Fall fashion, and especially this seasons make-up! This season is “The Elegant Vamp”  and I am in love! What is an Elegant Vamp you ask? Its the soft feminine beauty that meets dark Ox blood red and intense Aubergine purple. It is a little bit of a balancing act, too much make-up and you fall into the Gothic side. Gucci brings a more youthful look

by adding a high shine lipgloss and highlighter to the inner corner of the eyes.  Keeping it simple with the hair and not over doing the brow keeps this look elegant and not goth.

Nina Ricci plays with the eyes again keeping the rest of the face simple, not too much foundation and keeping it fresh looking without the use of blush. Using an Ox Blood Red (or adding a brown to your red eye shadow) sweep the eye shadow under the eye and up at the outer corner, only applying to the eye lid – Not above the crease. Then using a black pencil outline just the outer corner of the eye top and bottom being careful not to go too far and ending up “Vampy” Then smudge and smoke out the pencil and finally add a single coat of mascara to curled lashes.
Rochas like Gucci have also gone with a strong mouth but unlike Guccis dark red outlined lips Rochas have gone with a deep aubergine staying with the clean not over done hair.