Back to School Break-Outs!


Heading back to school got you stressed and creating ugly break-outs? Here are some must-have products and tips to ensure a clear complexion. 

Kenneth Kwok Photography

So your heading back to school and your skin has decided to have a break out! Its common knowledge that hormones trigger break-outs but stress and diet also play a big part. We know that school can be stressful but try and take some time out to relax, scented candles, listening to music and even taking a bath, are great ways to relieve stress.Make sure you cut back on the greasy and surgery foods and get lots of water.

Remember with the change in season means a change in your skincare regime; switch that SPF facial moisturiser for something more nourishing like Eucerin replenishing creme, its great because it’s oil free and goes on well under your makeup!

Lastly make sure that you are cleansing and moisturizing your skin morning and night, Clean and hydrated skin is happy skin, and happy skin means a happier you!

❤ amanda.