Eczema Solution :)

eczema solution

Stella Gorgeous

After a couple of years of searching for remedies to help deal with my eczema, I feel like I have finally found what set’s it off and what calms it down. Below are some suggestions and home made recipes that I have found work best for me. After talking with a few other people who also suffer from eczema we have ALL agreed that “refined sugar” is the worst! I switch to brown sugar when ever I can, like in baking and things. One woman told me that companies use a chemical to bleach the sugar white as I guess that is what irritates peoples skin. Caffeine is also bad, as eczema causes dry skin, and caffeine dehydrates our bodies.

So here is what I have found works best for me;

Sun! If you don’t live in a place where you are able to get some sunlight then head to the tanning bed. I go once…

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