Product Review -Embryolisse

I know I have mentioned Embryolisse Lait -Creme Concentre before but here is a full review.


I love this product! If you are a regular here on my blog then you already know how sensitive my skin is. This product line was formulated in the 1950’s by a pharmacist, who understood how important the natural barrier of the skin was, and created formulas that preserve the biological balance and assure anti-ageing prevention.

This product is lovely, it goes on smooth and soaks into your skin fairly quickly. It’s great for all season’s and I would say it’s a medium thickness but it’s not heavy, so you won’t sweat this one out.

I can’t say enough good things about this product, it’s also a fabulous multi-use product, working as a; Moisturiser, Primer and Remover.

Highly moisturising and non-oily this product is great for basically everyone! I use it like a mask on clients who have extreme dry skin; simply apply a thick amount to the face and let it soak in for a few minutes (start working on their hair style). Then wipe off the excess and apply make-up.

Because this product is non-oily it is perfect under makeup and its natural barrier quality means that it also works wonderful as a primer.

Makeup Remover.
It is also a fantastic makeup remover! Have you ever smudged your liner? or got a bit of mascara on your eye lid? – (“er derh, of course Amanda!”) Well then your ganna love this product also 🙂 You can place a small amount on a q-tip or on a small eye brush for more precise areas. Gently clean away the unwanted smudge, allow it to dry, then add powder and apply makeup as needed. Never use a makeup remover when you are applying makeup. Think about it! If you clean your smudge with a makeup remover what is going to happen to your makeup that you put on over the top? It’s not going to go on very smooth – if at all. The remover will continue to dissolve the makeup.

Furthermore Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre is dermalogically tested, paraben-free and is formulated with both natural and active ingredients that have been recognsied for their gentleness and tolerance to your skin.

Natural ingredients include; shea butter, beeswax aloe vera and soy proteins.

Size: 75 ml (2.6 fl. oz.) – $28
Size: 30 ml (1.0 fl. oz.) – $16

*It’s a concentrate remember! So it will last a while, you only need a small amount.