Eczema Causes and Solutions

What Causes Eczema? Many things are responsible for causing Eczema and thats why there is no one answer, personally I have found thru trial and error that I have a sensativity to tannins. Tannins are a product of a plant and are most common in Red Wine (particularly Cabernet Sauvignon), Coffee, Tea and Chocolate.

Eczema on the Face

After eating or drinking too many of the above items I experience headaches and sometimes migraines.

“This is because the body is reacting as if the tannin were a minor infection and the body is ramping up adrenaline, histamines and other defenses to fight off the invader.” –

I have personally found that eating clean and cutting back on refined sugar has improved my breakouts. -No more pre-made meals!

This means read your labels If you don’t know what an ingredient is or can’t even read it then leave that product at the grocery store. Stay away from too much yeast, caffeine and white sugar, and try to completely avoid artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Eczema is a dry skin like rash, therefore it is obvious that the skin needs to stay protected and moisturized. Remember when the skin is delicate and needs to heal, it also needs to breath; Using products that coat the skin like mineral oil and Petroleum  jelly are great for a quick fix but try not to use them daily. Also products that clog the pore;  butter’s, balms and heavy creams, are also best used sparely. These products are thick and create a build up, which will prevent the skins ability to breath. If you can exfoliate your eczema I do recommend it!

Eczema on the Back


Exfoliate: Now I know that that is going to be agued however, I do suffer from eczema and I do exfoliate. Using gentle tools like a soft body brush, mesh shower ball and even those exfoliate gloves work well. Only apply a light pressure after you have soaked the skin, and use a gentle natural soap, I like Doves beauty bar for sensitive skin, I have never experienced any irritation from it. Remember when exfoliating NO DO SCRATCH -I know its really hard, but you MUST avoid it. Obviously if your skin is too sore and delicate don’t exfoliate, use your own judgement, I find it helps get rid of the build up from using the heavy creams. I love Sudocrem, It helps me sleep through the night. You can also use Penaten cream, they are both Nappy (diaper) Rash Creams for babies and contain Zinc. They help dry out any fluid, soothe cracked dry skin and cool and take away the itchy pain, that eczema causes. The only negative thing about these creams is that they are heavy and hard to wash off, that is why I need to exfoliate.

Protect Your Skin From the Elements: Most of us eczema sufferers will first see the symptoms on our hands. make sure you always have a hand lotion in your bag with you and always apply before bed. If you are heading out in the cooler months don’t forget your gloves, the cold air will dry out your skin and may cause some wind burn. Products with Shea Butter are great at preventing eczema but I find the Shea too heavy when I have a breakout and even makes me want to scratch more.

Get Some Cotton Gloves: You can pick them up at spa’s, drug store and even some dollar stores, make sure to read the label and buy 100% cotton so that your skin can breath. Not only will wearing the gloves to bed help moisturise you hands but they will also prevent you from scratching in your sleep as well as keeping the creams from getting all over you blankets, (especially if you are using the zinc creams).

Tanning Beds: Sounds odd I know, but it really works! The sun has some amazing healing properties, If you live in an area  that gets little sunlight in the cooler months and are suffering all over you body, then a tanning bed is a great idea. You don’t need the strongest bed, most tanning  salons have a happy hour, I use to pay $5 for 20mins and would go once a week when my skin was bad and slowly stop. I found that it also helps with my S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Read More Here

Avoid Causes: Lastly and most obvious, avoid eating and drinking the items that set off your eczema, or at least moderate it, remember your’e only hurting yourself.

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