4 Products For Perfect Brows

Lets face it, brows can be challenging.


Having a well groomed brow can really polish off a look and having bad brows can obviously draw attention to the eye area (and not in a good way) We have all heard the expression “Brows are the Frame of your Face” -and its true. Currently a thicker, darker more youthful, fuller brow is in trend, unfortunately not all of us are as blessed like the stunning Cara Delevingne.

But there are some great products to help create a more fuller looking brow;

Brow Shadow or Eye Shadow: This is the most natural and most subtle of all the products. Make sure that you get the right colour, and that goes for all the brow products, choosing the wrong colour can be a disaster and it doesn’t matter how good your application is. When applying brow shadow, start at the centre of your brow, this way if you apply too much product it will be easier to blend and smooth the product out. Use a small flat brush for easier application. Benefit have a great compact called Brow Zings

Brow Pencil: Currently my favourite option, again starting at the centre of the brow and drawing quick short strokes along your brows, then using either a brush or your finger blend and move the product into place, adding more if needed. *You can also add some shadow over the top to get a feathered natural looking brow. I like using the Rimmel Scandaleyes Pencil in Taupe. It matches my brows perfectly, and because its a Kohl pencil it is easy to blend into place.

Brow Gel: This product is best for people who have curly and unmanageable brow hairs, it come in both clear and tinted, and you simply brush it onto your brows. Remember to clean any foundation from your brows before applying. A cotton bud works well. Check out MAC’s Brow Gel

Brow Pen: Brow pens are probably the least used option. They look just like a felt pen, when used correctly they can create a well defined looking brow. This product will need a bit of practice to perfect, but can look incredible when done well. If you are interested in this option I would suggest going into MAC and getting one of their staff to show you how to apply it correctly.

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