How To Remove Stubborn Makeup

Alright Halloween is so close, and you are probably frantic trying to organise your costume, but don’t forget about removing all that stubborn makeup at the end of the night!


Here are my must have products for removing stubborn makeup.

makeup remover

Firstly your going to need to grab some of those cleansing wipes. If you are having a lot of base makeup such has a heavy cake foundation, paint or heavy eye makeup then these wipes are great for a quick start to removing your makeup.

makeup remover

Secondly a gentle cleanser to start breaking down the makeup. Wash as usual and pat skin dry with a towel.

makeup removermakeup remover

By now you should have most of the makeup off and most likely a huge panda eye thing going on. I like to wipe the excess off using Sweet Almond Oil and a cotton ball. Then dip a Q-tip into the Sweet Almond Oil (any emollient will work) and wipe the cotton bud along your lash line and into your lashes to remove any liner and mascara. Keep repeating the process until the cotton buds no longer have makeup on them. *Sometimes I go through 6-8 Q-tips!

makeup remover

If you don’t usually use a toner, it is a great product when removing heavy makeup and I strongly recommend using it at times. Makeup sits in your pores, wrinkles and lines in your skin, a toner will remove any excess oil as well as dirt. *Toners are alcohol based, so do NOT apply to sensitive areas such as; around the eye or irritated and broken skin.

makeup remover

This is my favourite toner. Witch Hazel is a natural alcohol, Thayers have a few different variations I like the aloe and rose petal one, which helps soothe the skin.

After you have removed all your makeup apply your regular moisturizer. If I am going to bed I like to apply the Sweet Almond Oil. It is a very oily product so if you have oily skin you may not want to use it as a moisturizer.

Hope this helped and “Happy Halloween”.