My fashion sense say’s I’m getting old!

The other day I went out shopping. It has been a while and I really needed some new and “trendy” clothes! Working with models and in a fashion forward industry has had that effect on me, not that I really care what people think of me it is just nice to look “up to date”. I went into the typical stores like; H & M, and Forever 21. I surprised myself by thinking “That’s nice, but I can’t wear that!” When did this happen? To be honest I was never the fashion forward girl, I always wore whatever I thought looked good on me and loved the second hand clothing stores to do it all on a tight budget. But looking at sweaters that read “Fake $” and “Pardon my french” just made me feel old! One sweater had something about Youth written on it and I thought to myself “am I not “youth” anymore?” It’s a strange feeling when you out grow a store, I now love to shop at winners for the versatility and let’s be honest the great price’s on quality clothing. When I pick something up now all I can think is “Is this comfortable?” “Can I wear this to work?”.

The same thing can be said for my change in makeup! I used to wear crazy coloured eye shadow and green pencil liner under my eyes. Now I love the “natural look” I love this look so much that it has moved into my work. I am now “Known” for my beautiful, clean and natural makeup.

I can’t help but feel a little sad as I shift from being youth to a young woman, and as my 28th birthday gets closer it wont be much longer till I reach a new milestone. I know age means nothing especially these days but some how my mind in shifting and I’m not sure if I like it or not…