How To Choose The Perfect Lip Colour

I am in love with red lipstick, I wear it wherever, whenever with whatever I like. But I have noticed that a large amount of woman fear the red lip.

Nothing looks more classy and glamorous then a beautiful red lip. But selecting the right colour can be hard and getting the wrong colour can make you look… Well clown-like!

With so many choices no wonder so many woman feel overwhelmed, Lipstick, lip-gloss, lip stain, pencil, matte, glossy, brown undertone, orange undertone, pink undertone, blue or purple! The list goes on and on.

Narrow down your options; to the most traditional colours “Stay away from current trends” at least until you get more comfortable with them. Look for colours with either a brown or a pink undertone.

*Purple is in right now, and difficult to pull off.httpwww.realsimple.combeauty-fashionmakeuplipsrevlon-colorburst-lipstick-00000000028915

If you choose a matte colour make sure that your lips are well hydrated, nothing looks worse than a dry red lip, you can always apply a gloss over the top of your matte lipstick or pencil.

Research; celebrities that have a similar skin tone and hair colour to you, then see what colour they have chosen and of course if you believe that it looks good on them or not.

Do Outline Your Lips; as this will not only give you a guide to stay inside of but will also prevent your lipstick from bleeding and smudging.

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