L’Oreal claims to be cruelty free! Find out the truth…

So whats the truth about L’Oréal testing on animals?


Quote from L’Oréal website:
“The Group no longer tests on animal, anywhere in the world, and does not delegate this task to others. AN EXCEPTION could be made if regulatory AUTHORITIES REQUIRED it for safety or regulatory purposes.”

“Authorities” meaning countries like China, which L’Oréal has announced that they are pulling out of China so maybe they will be 100% cruelty free in the near future.

L’Oreal says “less than 1 per cent of its total safety tests on cosmetics ingredients involve animals.” 

So YES you DO test on animals!!! Testing on less then 1 percent of your products is still testing! I will admit that its great that they have got it down that low, but why not remove those products until they are able to test the ingredients in the lab and not on the animals? Its a step in the right direction but claiming to be cruelty free when you are not 100% cruelty free is misleading and an upfront lie.

Urban Decay has been yo-yoing for years on and off the cruelty free list and according to Peta’s website has decided to put “profits over principles”  and continue to test on animals, along side beauty giant MAC.

“In China, companies are required to submit samples of their products to be used for tests at local laboratories, according to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA estimates at least 72 animals are used for each product.”

-Read more about this on Peta’s website: http://www.smh.com.au/world/loreal-buys-back-into-tests-on-animals-20130823-2sgzu.html#ixzz37GyIrlfT