I Am A Feminist, And I Support Gender Equality


I am so proud of Emma Watson and her UN speech, I thought that she did a beautiful job at explaining how the word feminist seems to have become an ugly word that even I myself would not use because of the ‘Man Hate’ stigma that seems to come along with it, but thanks to Emma I have decided to start using it again.

I am a feminist, and I support gender equality

I also thought that she explained how ALL humans should be treated with the SAME respect – we are not just women asking for more then men -just the same equal respect and equality!

How is that too much to ask for?

That is why I was so stunned to read about the current backlash and THREATS made against Emma Watson. This is exactly the reason WHY we need to stand up and say proudly that “I am a feminist”! These people think that they can threaten, suppress and demoralize us –NO YOU CANT! 

In fact these threats made against Emma Watson for speaking out about gender equality, only makes me more mad and more determined to fight even harder for the cause. I am about to give birth to a little girl and I am scared about what she will face in her life, I personally have 3 close friends that have been the victim of rape, I am sure there are more in my close circle of friends but don’t have the courage to speak up about it. I believe that 100% of us has either been physically or verbally sexually assaulted, yes thats right I said 100%! and its because so many don’t think that we have value or certainly not as much as a man, the media objectifies us and we are sending the wrong message to our youth. Women feel like they have to be sexy and act a certain way to get anywhere in life and men feel like they have to put on an act and not express their true feelings or risk looking weak or heaven forbid “a girl”.

One gender can’t achieve equality on their own, we all need to come together and start saying enough, because it really is enough.

View Emma Watson’s UN Speech here