Whats in My Hospital Bag (Beauty Bag)


As I am now 38 weeks pregnant and is time to start gathering supplies and packing my hospital bag. I looked up some websites for other mums-to-be in my position, all with great tips and ideas on what to pack and more importantly what not to pack- Since I love to pack light. Here is what I am packing in my Beauty Bag, but if your not pregnant you could use some of the tips on how to pack a light beauty bag for short trips. SKIN AND HAIR CARE 1. Smell This Aromatherapy’s Cleanser, Toner and Serum SmellThis! These make the best packing light option, as the products are so concentrated (no added water here) the containers fit neatly in a small/medium beauty bag. Best of all Smell This! is a local Vancouver company that hand make all their product Richmond, they are natural and cruelty free, and are always donating to local charities. 2. AG Hair Products. AG Hair I wash my hair just once a week and I’m sure I could manage without my hair products for a couple of night but nothing is better than your own stuff, that smells and feels like home, also most companies have travel size kits like my AG products. AG Is another beautiful company, that started in Vancouver and is still manufactured here. They are also cruelty free and donate by contributing to building schools in Africa. 3. Free Samples that I have collected. Im a collector (or hoarder) of beauty products, every free sample or hotel mini soap I find I gather and store for situations like this. These items are perfect as they are designed for one time use and there is no need for me to bring a huge bottle of body lotion, or worry about leaving my body soap behind. COSMETICS No one expects you to look amazing or glowing after you have given birth, but if you are like me and have a strong social media status than you are going to want to look at least a little put together, or even have a bit of makeup for the day that you leave. Here are some of my favourite travel size Beauty Essentials. 1. Evelyn Iona Concealer. Evelyn Iona A concealer is a far better option than foundation as you can use it under eyes to help with those dark circles as well as spot control. Evelyn Iona is a beautiful natural and organic concealer that is smooth and nourishing. Evelyn Iona are also a local Vancouver company, cruelty free who also donate a large portion to YMCA and other local charities such as Beauty Night Society.  2. NYX Cream Blush in Orchid. NYX Cream Blush Cream blush is amazing! I especially love the packaging of this product as I simply glide or dot it on my check bones and then blend/press into place using my fingers (no brush needed). It glides on smoothly either on top of foundation or on bare skin (make sure you moisturized). I love the colour Orchid and it has a small hint or shimmer/shine to it that gives a beautiful radiant glow. NYX are also cruelty free 🙂 3. Ben Nye Mascara. I also really adore Ben Nye’s Liquid Liner but I won’t be packing that into my Hospital Bag. Ben Nye is also -Yep you guessed it, 100% against animal testing. 4. Eye Shadow. A simple beige or a trio-pack is perfect, when packing light I like to avoid packing makeup brushes and use the deposable sponge applicators instead, so a clean and simple beige is all I need. Now you could also use a face powder if you prefer, all of them can be applied as a simple eyeshadow -I do it all the time.   Are you also an Animal Lover but not sure how to start searching cruelty-free products. I know how hard it seems in the beginning but don’t give in to bargain products from companies with no morals, there are so many companies dedicated to the ethical treatment of animals and if we continue to stop buying from companies that do test on animals then they will be forced to change their morals and methods.  Don’t be apart of the issue! Buy cruelty free. Here are some other bloggers who are dedicated to cruelty free companies; http://www.hotashi.com/jetaime/