An Open Letter To My Newborn Daughter


Dear Marley,

I have been waiting for a mother -daughter relationship for the better part of my life. I don’t want to waste one minute of one day, because I know (as many mothers have said) that you will grow up fast, and I won’t know where the time went. This letter is a list of promises to you, and a reminder for me.


1. I promise that I will never be too busy to play with you.

2. I promise to always put down my phone, laptop or any other electronic device
and listen to what you have to say.

3. I promise to never be the first one to pull away from a hug.

4. I promise to keep the secrets you tell me.

5. I promise to take you out on Mother daughter dates (regularly).

6. I promise never to make fun or be judgmental of you.

7. I promise to incorporate you into my life.

8. I promise to be active in your interests and hobbies.

9. I promise not to smother you (this may be the hardest promise)

10. I promise to make you smile every… single… day.