A Cruelty Free Makeup Artist

Hi All,

Amanda & Stella

Amanda & Stella

A little over a year ago I started to question whether being a makeup artist was for me! The amount of top brand cosmetic companies that test on animals is staggering, as an animal lover, I could never harm or disrespect another creature.

I believe that the way a person treats an animal says a lot about their character.

How could I support a company that believes that money is more important then the wellness of another living creature. I started looking into my favourite cosmetic companies and realized that over 80% of my kit had been tested on animals! I felt disappointment then anger.

By buying products that have been tested on animals we are essentially saying “Thats Ok” But its NOT, at least not to me, what about you? These companies test on animals for their own personal gain, it all comes down to money and greed.

After researching and emailing companies about the topic I found a lot of dedicated, ethical, amazing quality companies that don’t test. I also found a lot of blogs from people who have the same concerns and keep up to date with what brands are cruelty free and which ones aren’t.

I will no longer purchase and support these companies, I became a makeup artist because I want to promote; “Self-love, Self-worth & Self-respect”

Which I would have none if I contintue to support these companies, and thats why I am now a cruelty free makeup artist.


Love, Amanda.

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