Pretty in a Minute!

It may surprise you but even though I am a full time professional make-up artist, I still don’t wear much make-up on my days off. In fact it usually takes me less then 5 Minutes to do my make-up, it is all about choosing the right products.  Here are the product that I use to look “Pretty In A Minute!” After washing my face in the morning I apply my favourite moisturiser. I love Embryolisse ‘Lait-cream Concentrate’ It is non-greasy and perfect under make-up, It acts like primer too!

Miracle Cream

If I have some tired eyes or a blemish I cover it up using Lavera’s Concealer, It is a bit more exspensive at $22 but Lavera pride themselves on Organic Skincare, so if you are like me and have sensitive skin you should definitely go and try this product out, I have tried the foundations by Lavera too and find them to be too streaky and orange! It is hard to get an organic foundation and I am still looking.

Lavera Concealer

For a quick and easy blush I can not go without NYX Cream Blush Sick “I Love This Product!” NYX Cream Blush At only $6 I’m sure you will love it too! I slide it on the top section of my check bones and then smudge and pat it into place with my fingers, its perfect to through into the handbag for a quick touch of colour and you don’t need to carry around a large blush brush either.

Next I apply some mascara, I really love the young wide eye look so I only apply the mascara to my top lashes, If your lashes are blonde then just put a small amount to the tips of your bottom lashes. I am in love with Loreals Voluminous in Carbon Black Loreal Mascara

Last but not least ‘Lip Balm’  Depending on the season depends on which one I use but I can never fault Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm Burts Bees Lip Balm Its smells great is made from 100% natural ingredients and costs $8. It also comes in 9 different colours!

So there you are, 5 products to “Look Pretty In 1 Minute” 🙂